Floor Plans


Basic Home Plans


With Montage Mountain Homes, all floor plans are completely customizable.  Our listed plans serve as a concept or basis for which to begin customizing.  When selecting a plan, try to find one with a basic size and layout that will accommodate your needs.  Once you have a plan or two in mind which may work,  schedule an appointment with our salesman/designer to help “tweak” the plan to suit your needs.  If you already have a plan,  send it over to us for a quote. If you like, we could use that concept as a basis for customization, and give you a quote on your own plan.

When viewing the plans listed here,  please focus on the floor plan itself, and not so much the exterior. The plans are drawn so as to show the possibilities of what can be done for cosmetic appeal. The exterior shots serve as concepts, but could be applied to almost any plan we offer.  We quote our homes based on the floor plan, and add the exterior options after a plan has been selected and priced.


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