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Montage Mountain Homes Inc.

4950 Birney Avenue

Moosic, Pa 18507

Telephone: 570-457-3350


 Due to the need to frequently be present on Jobsites, all Office / Showroom hours are by appointment only, Monday through Friday.

 Please call to schedule.

Montage Mountain Homes, Inc. is a builder of custom crafted modular homes. Locally owned and operated, Montage Mountain Homes focuses on building energy efficient, well inspected, code compliant, completed housing.Using local state of the art building facilities, we can provide a range of service to families looking to build their dream home in Northeast Pennsylvania.
From efficient ranches to unique two stories and cape chalets we can customize any floor plan to suit specific needs. Montage Mountain Homes offers one-stop shopping in that we can help guide and complete every phase of building. From permits to excavation to finishing touches, our aim is to provide our customers with every resource necessary in completion of their home.With our policy of being “up front” and educational regarding the steps and costs of building a new home, we look forward to working with a family within their budget while giving top quality and service in providing the perfect home to meet their needs.

Robert P. Bejeski Sr.
A resident of Avoca Pennsylvania, Robert P. Bejeski has over 30 years of construction, utility and mechanical experience. As owner of Bejeski Construction, Bob has worked on hundreds of home building sights plus various construction and utility work projects. Starting with residential plumbing 30 years ago, Bob later became contractor for PG&W and PAWC. Responsibilities included the installation of water and gas mains plus managing a team of over 30 employees. Over the last 15 years, Bejeski Construction provides excavation, demolition, township sewer systems and drainage maintenance, land clearing, and contractor services associated to the construction of new modular homes.Bejeski Construction Inc. – License # PA039028
Registered Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor # PA053447

Robert J. Bejeski Jr.

A resident of Duryea Pennsylvania, Robert J. Bejeski has been working in the construction field alongside his father for over 15 years.  In addition to the experience in construction, Bob Jr. has worked in the Mortgage/Investment/Insurance field running two separate offices in Hamlin and Pittston Pa.  With a strong emphasis on customer relations, Bob handles the management of building project as well as the coordination of work in the field.